Manoj Manjari Shishu Bhawan Manoj Manjari Shishu Bhawan Manoj Manjari Shishu Bhawan Manoj Manjari Shishu Bhawan

Welcome to Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan

   The Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan, Keonjhar was established on 17th May 1973. The premier child welfare institution has been working an assured shelter home for Orphan, destitute and abandoned children. The institution is named after RAJMATA "MANOJ MANJARI " of erstwhile Keonjhar Estate who had donated the land on which the "Sishu Bhawan" has been established with the benevolent assistance of Government of Odisha and charitable institutions both from within & outside the country. In recognition of its service to the Society particularly in the field of child welfare, the institution had received NATIONAL AWARD in the year 1991.The main aim of the institution has been to provide basic services like health, education and rehabilitation to orphan, destitute and abandoned children .

MMSB Location

 Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan – the orphanage is located in the center of Keonjhar town. Keonjhar town is a valley at the foot of mineral rich Gandhmardan hill, which stands magnificently to the West. It is at the height of 2000 ft above the sea level and has a pleasant climate. There are many scenic spots and waterfalls in the nearby hills, which are inhabited by tribal people like the Bhuyans, Juangas, Bathuries, Santhals, Kolha etc. National Highway NH-6 and NH-215 linking Kolkata –Mumbai and Panikoili-Rajamunda pass through it. The district spreads over an area of 8,303 sq kms. The district lies between 21oN and 20 o latitude and 85 o 1 E and 86 o 22 E longitudes. The District HQs Keonjhar is 225 kms away from the state Capital, Bhubaneswar. 

The institution is well connected from Keonjhar Railway Station (3 kms) and Bus Terminal (1 km)