Children Home

For care and protection of CNCP children Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan is registered as Child Care institution under section of 41 of JJ Act for a period of 5 years upto 2021. At present 55 boys and 47 girls are residing in the hostels. 86 are reading in the schools in the campus from Class-1 to Cl-X and 16 student are availing vocational training institute and colleges. All care is taken  for social and educational development of inmates in campus.

The inmates are provided vocational training in Music & Dance, Tailoring, Art & craft and computer education etc. in the campus. MMSB also helps inmates  to pursue  higher/vocational education after they finish school. Financial & other support to these students is provided for  their higher education with generous assistance of Mrs. Gunilla Frankman and Keonjhar Barn-Sweden and Enfants Espoir Du Monde, France.Each and every inmate in MMSB has a Savings Account under monthly Recurring Deposit Scheme to help them in their rehabilitation after 18 years of age.

Sishu Bhawan has established a library for the inmates in the campus with more than 5000 books. Orissa Sahitya Academy (Raja Rammohan Ray library Foundation) donates books to this organization. Ms. Lotta Murvall from Sweden had helped a lot in establishment  and development of the library.