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Manoj Manari Sishu Bhawan,Keonjhar is a registered, non-governmental organization which has been serving the community of underprivileged children and women in Keonjhar for the past 44 years. While MMSB has achieved many milestones over the years, the following have been our longest running programs.

  • Welfare of the orphans and the destitute children
  • Accommodation, food, clothing and other necessities of the life for orphan and destitute children
  • Proper up-brining and education of the children both inside and outside the Bhawan
  • Health Care in the remove tribal areas of Keonjhar District.
  • Educationally empower underprivileged children
  • Rehabilitation programme through adoptions both in-country and inter-country

 Since inception MMSB has been committed and actively supporting the cause of children through its present projects with the support of its and wide circle of donors and well wishers.


MMSB Committee Members

Sri S.N.Mishra     : Secretary

Shri K.C.Panda    : Working President

Sri M.S.Behera     : Vice President

Sri Laxmidhar Mishra: Member

CDMO,Keonjhar  : Member

DSWO,Keonjhar  : Member

District Education Officer Keonjhar: Member